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Three, Two, One, Action!

Tacoma Film Festival is back this October By Jillian Chandler

Tacoma Film Festival

Celebrating current independent films from around the globe, The Tacoma Film Festival aims to present the best in contemporary independent filmmaking to connect filmmakers and their work with appreciative, receptive audiences.

2022 marks its 17th year. What began as a small regional festival now boasts a welcoming, interactive haven for regional and international filmmakers, industry professionals, students, fans, critics, and creative entrepreneurs.

“The Tacoma Film Festival has built a reputation as a low-key setting where indie film fanatics can meet up-and-coming creators and witness the future of film,” says David Dinnell, Tacoma Film Festival director and programmer.

During the course of eight days, October 6 through 13, they will show more than 125 feature-length and short films that will include drama, comedy, animation, documentary, music video and even live performance.

October 6 marks the opening night of the festival, in which they will be showcasing “Walk Don’t Run: The Story of the Ventures.” “This will be a special chance to see this 12-years-in-the-making independently and locally produced documentary about the Ventures, the legendary instrumental rock group originally from Tacoma,” shares David. He adds that the film includes rare raw footage, interviews with the original members as well as musicians they have influenced, and reenactments by Tacoma performers (members of the Tacoma group Finley Mimbles). “Tacoma’s own Isaac Olsen directed this, and the film was produced by Justin and Rob Peterson, all who will be in attendance.”

The 2022 Tacoma Film Festival closes its run on Thursday, October 13, with the award-winning feature debut from Seattle filmmaker Zia Mohajerjasb—“Know Your Place.” “The film is a slice-of-life drama set in present-day Seattle and features first-time actors who deliver incredible performances,” states David. “For us at TFF, it is hands down one of the best films to come out of this region in years, and we are excited to share it with Tacoma.”

According to David, nearly all films are suitable for high-school age and older. On the morning of Saturday, October 7, TFF will hold an event presenting highlights from the New York International Children’s Film Festival, recommended for ages 8 and older. “There will be two programs with different films including one that is in Spanish. We've been presenting this at the Tacoma Film Festival for several years, and it is great for children (and their families),” says David.

To find out more about this year’s Tacoma Film Festival, and to purchase tickets, visit

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