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Your Best is Yet to Come

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Real people, creating real change, through communication By Jillian Chandler

Sunrise Family Therapy

Therapy. Counseling. For some, these words can have a negative connotation. For Miles Hall and Maggie Eastman, both therapy and counseling are an essential piece to the bigger puzzle of one’s overall health. At Sunrise Family Therapy in Puyallup, Washington, they work to teach everyone that therapy and counseling are simply avenues to help address one’s mental health.

“My mantra is: Mental health is health. The brain and body work together, and they shouldn’t be treated separately. Caring for your body and mind helps you perform at your highest level. Similar to your body needing fuel, exercise, and preventative care, your brain needs stimuli, activity, and rest. No one should feel negativity or shame about attending therapy or counseling,” shares Maggie, licensed clinical associate with Sunrise Family Therapy.

“Many different types of goals are set in therapy, and there are even more paths to reaching your goals. A willingness to work on yourself and make the changes in your life you desire are things to celebrate. Anyone attending therapy should feel empowered. It’s an exciting exploration of what is possible in your life.”

Offering individual therapy, couples therapy and family therapy, Sunrise Family Therapy can help people and their relationships during all stages in life. Made up of a diverse community of clinicians and professionals who provide in-office and online therapy, coaching, and support services to clients from all walks of life, their state-licensed team of therapists and counselors works with children, families and adults to nurture change and enhance connections.

“Therapy doesn’t have to be solving a problem; it’s learning skills and tools to continue to communicate well—or even enhance the way you’ve been communicating,” shares Maggie.

Sunrise Family Therapy prides itself on providing safe, affordable talk therapy, as they believe all people deserve, and should have access to, supportive resources to enhance their lives and their ability to grow, no matter their sex, race or income. Miles understands that asking for help, getting mired in insurance processes, and the cost of services is challenging enough, compounded with searching for someone who will really see you.

“It’s not just about education or formal training; it's about acknowledging the frailty of the human experience, and its need for accountability, safety and authentic acceptance. Joining with clients in creating a safe space is fundamental to establishing a conduit for healing. I believe your best moments are in front of you. My understanding emanates through experiences of trauma, imperfection, disappointment and triumph,” shares Miles, LMFT, MHP and clinical supervisor for SFT.

At Sunrise Family Therapy, there is no judgment, only acceptance and positive regard. Miles’ exclusive and specialized services include individual coaching, relational enhancement, and men’s support groups. A podcast is also in the works.

"I'm really invested in creating a safe space for my clients to dive deep, process and heal, " says Miles. "Through our work together, my clients come to a point where they can authentically articulate, then manifest, their needs and desired outcomes. This requires so much courage and resilience. I think they're so brave. I'm honored to support them."

Through therapy, you can change not only your life but the lives of those you love. With the inspiration and mission to provide a safe place of acceptance and support, the team of professionals at SFT are committed to helping clients and their family members make lasting changes.

“I believe being a human and existing in this world and life, our primary responsibility is to help others along the way and ease the suffering of others. Whether you are a therapist or not, we all have skills and abilities to be that someone,” shares Maggie. “Our job is not to ‘fix’ people. It’s about guiding, coaching, helping and empowering.”

For those who find themselves wanting to express their feelings but don’t know how, therapy is a healthy, safe outlet to explore how to do that. “Benefits of understanding how to emotionally regulate and express your feelings are a deeper connection with others, a sense of belonging, a greater understanding of self and others, and a different perspective on life,” affirms Maggie.

Miles adds: “You can’t connect to your people if you can’t connect to yourself. There are people who care about your well-being and safety. Professional support is available. All you have to do is make yourself available.”

From premarital counseling to family counseling, and even individual, communication is key. If you’re looking to empower yourself, and those around you, restore relationships and build stronger foundations for healthier relationships, Sunrise Family Therapy is there to guide you. Because your mental health is health.

Sunrise Family Therapy is currently hiring associate and licensed clinicians to join their team. You can find out more by visiting

Sunrise Family Therapy | Affordable Safe Talk Therapy 3911 9th Street SW, Suite A212 Puyallup, Washington 833.723.3825

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