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A Home for the Holidays

A reflection of the season

By Nikki Luttmann, Interior Designer

In these strange times, it may seem difficult to find things that we are thankful for, but one thing I am always very grateful for is the roof over our heads. Our house may not be picture-perfect, but it is ours, a safe haven for our family.

We have moved seven times in the course of our 16-year marriage, which now that I think about it, seems a bit extreme! Each home has had its set of challenges, even the new home that we designed and built ourselves. Each home requires a settling in period, a different set of furniture (we’ve had eight different dining tables, my husband likes to remind me) and general sprucing up. I guess you could call us serial remodelers.

We’ve painted and refinished trim work, installed flooring and tile and new plumbing and light fixtures. We’ve revamped old heating systems and added new ones. I’ve rearranged furniture more times than I can count, and my husband has borne most of it with a smile—mainly because he knows how important our home is to me. Beyond being just my livelihood, interior design is a deep-seated passion that I know many of you share.

Our home is a constantly evolving canvas, and quite literally, my life’s work. A home should not be stagnant; it should change and evolve as those who live within it change and evolve. I love the idea of decorating for the seasons, particularly in fall and winter, when we spend so much more time indoors. By bringing in seasonal decor, we are honoring the passage of time and the particular quality of each time of year.

For Thanksgiving, I love to bring in natural elements—fall leaves and branches, pumpkins and gourds. I also enjoy swapping out pillows and throws for more autumnal hues like gold and rust. The jewel tones of autumn are my favorites and really complement a neutral palette.

Come December, we all enjoy the traditions associated with that time of year, from hunting for the perfect Christmas tree in the woods to bringing out our collected holiday decorations. It is a special time when we can remember loved ones and also look forward to the festivities to come. Baking cookies, enjoying games with friends and family, preparing special meals. What all of these activities have in common is the concept and consistency of home.

So, treat your home with the care it deserves this time of year. Dress it up for the holidays, keep it clean for company, and set fresh flowers or greenery around to scent the air. Invest in a new dining table for family gatherings. Or add a new area rug to replace the old. Replace your damaged flooring or spruce up your windows with new blinds. After all, our homes are the backdrops for our lives. Investing in your home is truly like investing in yourself.

Small Touches to Bring the Holidays to Life in Your Home

This time of year can be both exciting and stressful, but there is nothing quite like decorating for the holidays and transforming your home into a festive oasis.

Bringing the outdoors indoors is always a simple, yet beautiful way, to enhance your home for the holidays. From branches and pinecones to leaves, enhance your mantle, entry table or dining room table with these natural staples; many of which you may find in your own backyard!

Flowers, seasonal plants, fruits and berries make the perfect centerpiece any time of year. Whether you opt for deep reds, oranges and yellows or keep it simple with whites and greens, adding fresh foliage to your home is always a sure way to add a bright touch and warmth to your home for the holidays.

You can pair pumpkins and candlesticks for a whimsical feel. Baby white pumpkins with neutral-colored candles and candlesticks of varying heights make for a beautiful, and classy, combination sure to impress your guests.

Opt for a beautiful door wreath that welcomes your guests. Wreaths are also acceptable throughout the home: above the mantle, at the top of the staircase, on the inside of the front door.

There is no need to overwhelm yourself. Keep the decorations simple, and if possible, ones that carry over from Thanksgiving to Christmas and through the new year!

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