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A Wedding at a Winery

Northwest wineries and vineyards make the ideal backdrop for that special day By Christian Weaner

A Wedding at a Winery

Many women dream of their wedding for their entire lives, which is why most soon-to-be brides are so devoted to planning out every detail of their perfect big day.

As they begin to plan, one of the initial decisions that every couple must make is where to hold the ceremony and reception. With an abundance of venues and options to choose from, any newlywed will recall that this process can make your head spin.

While every location has its positives and negatives, one type of non-traditional venue that might just be the least stressful—yet most elegant—place to hold a wedding is one of the picturesque wineries or vineyards located right here in the Northwest. And here is why.

Jaw-Dropping Scenery and Abundant Natural Light

One thing is for sure, if you choose to hold your wedding at a winery or vineyard, your photographer will thank you.

Couples often spend copious amounts of time decorating every inch of their wedding venue to try and hide any areas that might be less than picture friendly. But at a vineyard, the scenery will speak for itself.

With ambient rays of sunshine in every direction, rolling hills of grape vines and charming architecture, you will not be disappointed by the backdrop of your wedding photos. "A vineyard is the perfect setting for a summertime wedding," Olalla Vineyard & Winery's website states. "The natural backdrop of our wine grapes along with our beautiful gardens makes for stunning photos and memories that you and your guests will treasure for a lifetime."

Olalla Vineyard & Winery, located along the shores of the Puget Sound in Olalla, Washington, is one of the Northwest's many wineries that could make the perfect setting for your special day.

Great views and radiant sunshine leads to awesome wedding pictures and memories you will never forget.

Everything at One Location

Another perk of planning your wedding at a winery is the all-in-one offerings of most wineries and vineyards. No need to stress over coordinating your ceremony and reception at separate locations when you can have everything you desire without ever needing to leave the vineyard grounds.

Most wineries that host weddings have built-in packages to choose from that include everything from a day-of coordinator and catering options to security personnel and guest transportation.

Many vineyards can easily accommodate large numbers of people and provide recommendations for nearby hotel block packages and any other details that you would otherwise need to figure out on your own during the planning process.

A perfect example of the versatile nature of a winery wedding venue is Spokane's Arbor Crest Wine Cellars, which assists couples with every detail of the planning process to help make their wedding day go as smoothly as possible.

A wedding in wine country will not only provide an alluring wedding day, but it will help streamline the planning process to take the weight off the bride's shoulders while simultaneously giving guests a memorable getaway experience that they will not soon forget.

Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Brides often fantasize about outdoor weddings with eye-popping floral displays and dazzling views of nature as they walk down the aisle. However, planning events outside always comes with the inherent risk of bad weather messing things up.

Fortunately, wineries and vineyards are perfect venues to host weddings thanks to their ability to hold ceremonies and receptions at numerous locations, including indoor options for when Mother Nature decides not to cooperate.

With large tasting rooms, warehouses and bottling facilities on-site, wineries can quickly pivot to move your special day indoors while still allowing for the elegant look that every bride hopes for. Plus, if you are okay with getting a little wet, you can still grab that white umbrella and pop outside for some incredible photo opportunities around the vineyard. Located in downtown Spokane, a unique wedding venue that provides adaptable outdoor and indoor spaces for your big day is Barrister Winery.

Barrister offers a breathtaking urban garden courtyard for outdoor ceremonies while also providing access to the winery's historic brick and timber building that will blow your guests away.

While you cannot change what the weather will look like on your wedding day, you can decide to hold your special event at a location that gives you peace of mind, knowing that your day will be as meaningful and magnificent as you always dreamed it would be, rain or shine.

The Obvious One: Great Wine Selections (and Good Food!)

Finally, and arguably most importantly, one of the biggest reasons to hold your wedding at a winery or vineyard is the extensive selection of wines—grown, pressed and bottled on-site—that are available for you and your guests. Oh, and not to mention that wineries are known for their fantastic catering options as well.

While good wine is a given, what you may not realize is that wineries have a solid reputation for their farm-to-table food options that will pair nicely with your wine selections and impress even the most prestigious of your wedding guests.

Also, many wineries provide the bride and groom with the opportunity to taste test their wines ahead of time and pick out what they would like served on their big day.

One Washington winery known for providing excellent food and wine selections is Karma Vineyards in Chelan. Not only does Karma have eye-popping views of the Chelan River, which adjoins their spacious vineyards, but it also offers an added experience that will give the bride and groom a memory to last a lifetime—custom sparkling wine bottles to commemorate the big day.

Whether you are a wine commissaire or a casual sipper, a winery such as Karma Vineyards could be the ideal location for your special day.

And lucky for you, because the Northwest is dotted with well-respected wineries and vineyards that can make your wedding dreams come true.

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