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Destination Summer

It’s time to look fantastic!

By Olivia Harrell | @oliviamichelle.h

Summer is by far my favorite season in the Pacific Northwest. The gorgeous sunny days are never ending, and the heat feels glorious. This change of season calls for some particular styles of summer clothing that you can’t bring out any other time of year.

Maxi Dresses. You just can’t go wrong with a maxi dress. Whether it is a casual day in the backyard with the kids, date night or going out with the girlfriends, a maxi dress can fit any occasion. Maxi dresses are easy to dress up or down. Wear it casual with sandals or even sneakers and a jean jacket. Dress it up with wedges and chunky jewelry. Maxi dresses are also great to pair with lace bralettes. The lace adds a touch of feminine and dresses up the look. Add a bralette that is a different color than the dress to bring more colors to your look. If your maxi dress is a little long, take the extra fabric at the bottom of the dress and tie it in a knot. This adds a little detail and will keep the dress from dragging the ground.

Rompers and Playsuits. You are probably familiar with rompers. A romper is a one-piece clothing item with a top and shorts. These can vary in style on top including tank, short sleeve or long sleeve, but they always have shorts on the bottom. A playsuit is a generally new term defining a one-piece clothing item with pants instead of shorts. The top style can vary on the playsuit as well. Both are great wardrobe options for summer days. Rompers are generally a more casual look with playsuits being dressier. Playsuits are great to dress up for weddings, backyard get-togethers or a day spent shopping with the girls.

Neon Colors and Tie Dye. Many of us love our neutral colors and don’t like to stray far on the spectrum, but summer is the best time to try new trends. Two huge trends right now are tie dye and neon colors, and honestly, they are not going anywhere! There are plenty of options out there right now, so do some searching and find a tie dye or neon you are comfortable with. A neon-colored top can easily be paired with a denim jacket and jeans for a pop of color you won’t feel overwhelmed by. You could grab a neon-colored pair of shoes to wear with an all-white outfit. As for tie dye, there is a large variety of different kinds. You can find muted tie dye, which consists of neutral colors. There are plenty of neon-colored tie-dye pieces out there as well. Grab a tie-dye loungewear or pajama set to try out at home before you grab something to rock in public.

Summer is the ideal time to explore everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer. From our beautiful beaches to hiking Rainier, exploring coastal towns and taking the ferry to nearby islands, discover what’s out there—and look fantastic while you’re doing it!

Clothing provided by Liv & Rory Boutique

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