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Energy Updates and Signs of Healing Present

The self-love experience By Sufani Garza, Spiritual Teacher and Healer at Place of Bliss Academy & Sanctuary

Health and Lifestyle

As a spiritual healer, speaker and teacher, I see patterns in what people are focused on, the themes in their stories, collective interests, the struggles they are overcoming, the pain they are surrendering, and the love they are building for themselves. Most recent journeys have been filled with high impact emotions, massive life transformations, all leading to a reality we are choosing, and it is coming in many different forms. We are looking at our lives and seeing the wreckage of the past and striving to leave it behind. We are laboring on our souls to get comfortable with the real us. We are making choices to look at traumas from the past, not hiding from them, not being stuck in them, nor defined by them, but acknowledging them, so we no longer feel stuck in stories from long ago.

People are embracing choice of who they are today, not who they were, or told they were. They are working to see the realities of who people are in their orbit, dangerous or supportive, and this is why body language techniques and talk of psychology and mental health are surging in the minds of the population. People are seeking not only to understand themselves in this manner but see warning signs of others who are unstable, unconfident, and wish to find a source to control. People in essence are owning their power more than ever before and are refusing to allow a false reality about themselves to be part of their new transformation. The name of the game is EMPOWERMENT!

The Current Human Healing Index:

• People are engaging their shadow self of the past, and the self they are creating.

• People are willing to work hard on themselves to make profound changes.

• People are searching to understand reality choices in new ways that define their empowerment.

• People are opening up intuitive gifts that have long been in a box.

• People are seeking others in alignment with their purpose through friendships and community.

• Healers are uniting in goodwill to collectively help people, animals and our planet.

• People are feeling gratitude for their life despite the hardships and traumas that come with life, especially in the last two years.

• People are realizing the work they have done has given them an unshakable core to happiness.

Transitions make us stronger when we embrace them. Be well my friends until next time!

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