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Five denim styles you need in your closet

By Olivia Harrell @oliviamichelle.h

Jeans are not only a closet staple but a piece of clothing you can wear year-round here in the Pacific Northwest. Denim styles tend to cycle around and go in and out of fashion through the decades. No matter the cut or style, everyone has at least one pair of jeans in their closet. Here are some denim styles you need that are rising in the trend reports.

High Waist: Just in case you haven’t jumped on the high-waisted denim band wagon yet, they are back! Growing up with low-rise denim, I think that high-waisted denim are the comfiest jeans I’ve ever worn. High-waisted denim usually has a rise of 8-plus inches and hits either at your belly button or above. As a bonus, they also keep the stomach area tight.

Paper Bag Waist: This new trend has made a more recent debut. Paper bag waist jeans are almost always high waisted and feature an extra ruffle layer of denim at the top. It is supposed to resemble the top of a paper bag if you crumpled it in your hand. Most also have belted waist ties but some do not. With this style of denim it looks best to tuck in the top you are wearing so the paper bag waist details can be seen.

Button Fly: Button fly jeans are a cute trend featuring four to five buttons where the zipper usually is. Sometimes they are faux buttons with the zipper still on the inside, and sometimes they actually button. Sure, it’s a little more work to get in and out of them with all those buttons, but the buttons give some extra detail! This style looks great with a shirt French tucked on the front.

Bell Bottoms: Bell bottoms are also back on trend, and this is my personal favorite denim style. Bell bottoms were first worn by sailors in the 1800s. Yep, they were around long before the ‘70s. Sailors wore them because it made it easier to grab a man if he fell overboard. Bell bottoms flare out starting at the knees. These are usually long, so you’ll want to pair them with a heel or platform sandal so they don’t drag on the ground.

Colors & Patterns: Colored denim is making a comeback, and I’m loving the pastels showing up in stores. Colored denim is a great way to add some color to your outfit with neutral tops. Some popular denim patterns right now are camouflage and snakeskin print. Dark green camouflage looks great with a white top.

Get out of your comfort zone and grab a new style of jeans. You never know, it may become your new favorite!

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