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Get Bold!

Luxe Accessories and Rich Hues remain on Pointe for Decorating in 2021

By Deann Hammer, Broadway Design

Deep rich hues such as teal, and iron ore grays, are hitting the scene as favorite paint colors this year. These heavy colors look gorgeous in any decorating mode. They can be used in modern, craftsman, Danish or coastal design themes with equal impact.

Bold colors shine either in a large open area such as a large living room wall, or look just as special when used in powder rooms or accent walls (ie: behind your master bed). The ceiling is also a great place to add a super-rich color. I love painting a powder room ceiling to add an unexpected pop of color to a home.

Make sure to buy high-quality paint so that the pigments are dense, and you do not have to paint more than a few coats. I recommend Sherwin Williams Emerald paint. It is also wipeable, which is a super bonus.

As we live in the Northwest, where in winter the light is low, it is important to balance those dark paint colors with lighter fabrics that add texture and balance to a room. A popular trend now is to upholster in pastels. They look super luxe next to a richly colored wall and brighten up a space. Rose, lavender, coral, light yellow and mint green are all on trend as fabric choices for chairs, sofas and chaise lounges. If you are not brave enough to do an entire piece in these colors, you can opt for a neutral fabric and bring in pastels with pillows, rugs, art and throws.

Reflective metal accessories such as gold or copper add shine. Marble is also a wonderful natural product found in trays, vases and lamps, and is timeless and sleek. Be careful not to accessorize in any one material alone. It is important to add a touch of wood, a little stone, some metal and glass. It is a balancing act. The softness of pampas grass in a large urn in a corner or a live tree will help create drama.

I find, when I focus on the details, a project transforms from average to spectacular. I typically reach for architecturally interesting mirrors in guest baths where functionality isn’t the focus (ie: applying makeup), and if you buy a lamp, make it a great one! Don’t settle for the inexpensive, generic Target or Home Goods lamps. Lamps are art and should be treated as such. A true test of a good lamp is the actual weight of the item. It should have some heft to it and not be easy to topple over. A lamp should have a three-way switch, and the shade should be of a quality material, not stark white and easily dentable.

Grouping vases, candles or other trinkets together and buying art that tells a story or has a history is also a way to add richness to a room and make it look unique.

Photographs are wonderful but are best in black and white and grouped in coordinating frames. Keep it simple—and go for quality. Avoid photo frames that are ultra-busy or have sayings all over them and reek of kitschy farmhouse themes.

And a shoutout to all of you technology lovers: You should never see a television or lamp cord. Hire a contractor to bury TV cables in the wall, or tuck them behind a basket or large vase. Less is more, as they say, and chords to digital devices are distracting to the eye and make a space feel like a dorm room.

The theme for 2021 is go big, or go home. Get bold! And, if in doubt, hire an interior designer to help you optimize your own special look. Broadway Design is always just a call away.

Deann Hammer is the owner of Broadway Design, a boutique interior design firm in Gig Harbor. She and her team craft spaces that are tailored to each client's personality and lifestyle, while mindful of their budget, creating a perfect harmony between aesthetics and function.


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