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Going on Vacation?

How to decide on what to pack

By Olivia Harrell @oliviamichelle.h

Vacation is always a great time filled with relaxing, fun activities, and making memories. We dread coming home and the ultimate task of unpacking, but even before the trip begins, sometimes packing can also be a bit of a hassle. What do I pack? Should I pack light or take options? I’m no expert, but here are some suggestions I have found helpful planning for vacation.

Have options. Let me be the first to tell you, I have no advice on packing light. My suitcases are always at the 50-pound limit, and there’s no way I could ever pack in just a carryon. I like having my options. When traveling in the Pacific Northwest, I have found that having options has been the best choice. The weather here can be in the 70s during the afternoons and in the low 50s at night. So generally, I will pack an outfit with jeans/pants and shorts/skirt, so the bottom is interchangeable with the top and can be worn depending on the weather. I also always pack a lightweight jacket or cardigan that is neutral in color so it will match the rest of the items I have packed.

Watch the weather. I hate waiting until the last minute to pack, but with how frequently the weather changes, you’ll want to keep checking. First off, I usually google our destination and the month we are going to see the average temperatures in years past. This will give you a good idea of what it will be like, but things can always change. I also add the destination to my weather app on my iPhone so that I can keep checking our destination up until the day before we leave. This way, if something does change, you still have time to switch out items if you need to.

Plan for activities. What kind of things do you have on your itinerary? This will give you a great idea for outfits or specific clothing items you’ll need. If you’re kayaking, you’ll want to remember your water shoes and water-resistant clothing. If you’re heading to the beach, then swimsuits, cover-ups and maxi dresses are a great idea. Don’t forget any gadgets or specialty items you may need to pack also.

Pack the packing cubes. Packing cubes are one of the best inventions since electricity. OK, maybe not that awesome, but they are pretty great to pack in. They save space but also offer a bit of organization. Keep your daily outfits and sleepwear separated, plus extra jackets/cardigans if you need them. Packing cubes also help tremendously if you have kids. Pack all of their clothes in a packing cube so their clothing is organized and ready for them to put on. This also prevents them from throwing the contents of your suitcase on the floor searching for their clothes.

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