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Lash enhancement options and choosing the best option for you By Kristin Carlson, Medical Esthetician, Refined Aesthetics Med Spa, PLLC

The options are endless: extensions, strips, growth serums, perms, even magnetic. Whatever your choice is for getting eyelashes that “pop,” there is no doubt it is currently one of the biggest beauty trends. Depending on the type of pop you’re looking for and the condition of your lashes, there are many options out there to accentuate those beautiful eyes of yours. Let's explore the different options to help you determine what will enhance one of your most alluring features.

Lash Extensions - We all have friends with long, thick, perfectly curled lashes. Many times, they are our own children or a partner who could care less about perfect lashes. Ugh. For those of us who were not blessed with the “perfect eyelash gene,” we may turn to lash extensions. Lash extensions can be made of several different materials including synthetic fibers, silk, mink, human hair, even horsehair, and are used to accentuate, lengthen and fill in your natural lashes. An adhesive is used to glue an individual or small bunch of hairs to your existing lashes. The nice thing about extensions is you can determine the length and amount of volume you would like, thus enabling your technician to create a very natural or very dramatic look. Lash extensions require an initial treatment which can take anywhere from one to three hours, with “fill-in” appointments every two to four weeks. Your lashes have a natural shedding process, resulting in a loss of approximately one to five lashes per day, which is why fill-in appointments will keep your lashes looking consistent.

Lash Strips - Similar to extensions, lash strips are typically made of synthetic fibers or human hairs and are applied with an adhesive. The difference is they come adhered to a strip, which you measure and cut then apply to your natural lash line with an adhesive. They typically create a more dramatic look and are applied and removed daily, or for special events.

Lash Lifting/Perming - This is a process in which your natural lashes are placed onto a rod using adhesive then processed into a curled position. This typically includes a lash tint, giving your natural lashes the look of using an eyelash curler and applying one coat of mascara. This is a low-maintenance treatment, usually lasting six to eight weeks. It is great for those with long, straight lashes and those who want a less dramatic look. Lash tinting is great for those with light-colored lashes.

Growth Serums - Growth serums are solutions applied to the lash line, promoting lash growth and resulting in longer, fuller, stronger natural lashes. There are natural serums as well as medical grade. Natural growth serums typically contain biotin as their main ingredient, which is a vitamin B used to strengthen the lash, thus resulting in longer, stronger lashes. Medical-grade growth serums, such as Latisse, require a prescription through a medical provider. Latisse is a bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, approved by the FDA, to produce longer, thicker, stronger lashes. Natural serums tend to take a bit longer to produce results but can be purchased over the counter.

Talk to your aesthetic provider to discuss the best lash enhancement option for you. Do your research and be certain you are trusting your eye area to a trained professional.

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