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Punch it Up!

Updated: May 10, 2021

The art of design is not a linear path

By Deann Hammer, Broadway Design

With the surge of spec builder housing developments arising in the Pacific Northwest, it is important to make your mark and captivate design character in your home.

No two homes are meant to look alike, and the people who live in them should attempt to let their personality shine through.

One of the best ways to add personality and warmth to a home is to wallpaper. I know—it can be scary. But the industry has changed, and wallpaper options are now limitless. Gone are the printed floral Grandma papers of yesterday, and here to stay are bold geometrics and natural textures.

Peel-and-stick papers give homeowners the option of a do-it-yourself quick transformation, or you can hire a pro to install a more permanent version. Often homes have too much drywall, and it’s a pleasant relief to cover it up and add texture and pattern to a room.

If you have box-beamed ceilings, papering the ceiling with a textured paper can also have a dramatic effect.

Patterned carpets are also a fun way to jazz up a space. I love to add patterns on a staircase runner or a living room carpet. Pattern in carpet adds life to an often passed by space and hides more dirt from foot traffic with a pattern underfoot.

False beams are a new trend that makes a huge impact on the feeling of a room. They are constructed out of Styrofoam, are incredibly light and easy to install. (Just attach a 2x4 to the ceiling, and the beam attaches to that.) They look incredibly real and add definition to the “fifth wall” of a room. Most can easily be purchased online. They look terrific in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and dining areas.

Window treatments were so overdone in the ‘80s and ‘90s, it took me quite a while to bring them back. The current trend is to lose the heavy fabric “drapery” and add a textured roller shade with a valance on all windows. Continuity is the name of the game, so create a color/texture theme—and stick with it. Roller shade valances are made from the same fabric as the shade, and they soften the window opening, creating a terrific backdrop for your furnishings.

If you feel you need that extra layering of drapery, keep it light, fresh and simple with a solid linen or sheer panel in a neutral color. Typically, each side of most windows will accommodate two panels from an average retailer.

Accessories should be of the correct scale/size. Larger is often best with fewer pieces. Stick to a theme and strive for quality.

Large plants (real or faux) in a simple decorative pot that is a minimum of 30- to 34-inches tall is a terrific way to add dimension to the corner of a room and add visual appeal. My favorites are fiddle leaf fig, mother-in-law tongue (a.k.a snake grass) and any kind of yucca. Stay away from ficus, as they are messy and drip sticky droplets onto your floor.

If you need help punching up the look of your home, Broadway Design can help you get to the finish line!

Deann Hammer is the owner of Broadway Design, a boutique interior design firm in Gig Harbor. She and her team craft spaces that are tailored to each client's personality and lifestyle, while mindful of their budget, creating a perfect harmony between aesthetics and function.

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