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Q&A with Jennie Wetter

Founder and Designated Broker, Infinity Real Estate

By Marguerite Cleveland

Photo by In-Gear Media

Infinity Real Estate Gig Harbor

Jennie Wetter is the Founder and Designated Broker of Infinity Real Estate, a full-service boutique brokerage based in Gig Harbor. She has assisted almost 800 buyers and sellers to successful closings; the brokerage has assisted more than 2,000.

Jennie founded the company because she believed as a boutique brokerage, with a small group of exceptionally dedicated professionals, she and her team could provide an elevated experience to their clients. In addition, the Infinity Real Estate team strives to uplift local communities through their charity efforts, which were formalized in 2021 with The Great Give Back.

Her workaholic background originates from Wisconsin, and her real estate career began when she moved to the Olympic Peninsula in 2004. Jennie brings a host of education (bachelor’s and master’s degrees) and career experience spanning corporate risk management, specialized aviation consulting, and a lifetime of customer service to the table.

In her spare time, she lives an active and slightly exciting lifestyle that includes skiing, race car driving, boating, and a passion for Formula 1.

Jennie is joined by Sarah Husby, an associate Broker at Infinity Real Estate, who is a native of the Olympic Peninsula and an expert on the Pacific Northwest. Sarah has leveraged this knowledge and produced local guides to the area as well as fun events. She manages the “What’s Good Gig Harbor?” Facebook group, which has over 2,900 members.

Q. Infinity Real Estate has donated an impressive $165,000, almost 10,000 pounds of food, and close to 500 duffle bags of needed supplies to local charities. Can you share with our readers the company’s commitment to the local community through monetary and volunteer efforts?

A. When the COVID pandemic started, my first thought was, “Oh my, here we go ... another crash like 2008 is on the horizon." Instead, as we all know, the real estate market went crazy, and we flourished while so many others suffered. As a result, I felt compelled to formalize a give back and gratitude program that offers support to a host of local organizations. We donate from our commissions and organize food drives and other events that provide an opportunity for our clients and sphere to participate. In just three years, we've supported 16 different, very deserving, local charities, and we're excited to continue to spread the love and gratitude. I believe we are truly making an impact. The Great Give Back program has become an integral part of Infinity’s DNA, and the sky is the limit of where it will go in the future.

Q. Can you highlight the core values of your company and what makes you different from other real estate agencies?

A. Our core values may appear like others on paper: building trust through transparency, honesty, and integrity, providing exemplary service with unmatched professionalism, and dedicated to gratitude and giving. That said, what makes Infinity different is that our actions speak much louder than the words written in a business plan. We don't just talk the talk. We truly go the extra mile in every situation, guaranteeing to our clients "We've Got Your Back." We prioritize authenticity over sales gimmicks, and we tirelessly strive to exceed our clients’ unique expectations. All these years after founding the company on these core values, I am proud to see our "small and mighty" team continually recognized for exemplary service to our clients and communities.

Q. You’ve sold an amazing 67 luxury homes for over $1 million. Which sale really stands out for you?

A. Honestly? I can’t pick just one. It's truly an honor to represent any homebuyer or seller in such an important transaction, often at a pivotal time in their lives. I think what is often overlooked is just how vulnerable and intimate it becomes, especially for a seller, to basically hand over control of their home to a real estate professional. When I look back on nearly 800 buyers and sellers who have trusted me with this level of vulnerability, it almost overwhelms me with gratitude and humility. I believe every home has energy and a great story waiting to be told. My job is to ensure that positive energy is unleashed and felt by anyone who steps over the threshold, then carries it through to closing and beyond.

Q. With more than 18 years of real estate experience serving Pierce and Kitsap counties, what are some of the biggest changes you’ve witnessed in these markets?

A. Everything has changed, I don’t even know where to start. We had the internet and cell phones, but there was no such thing as a smart phone, texting, or especially social media. I didn't even have a GPS until I had been in real estate for several years. What hasn't changed, and in some ways has even multiplied, is each client's need to be heard and understood, have tailored solutions crafted to their unique situations, and be able to trust wholeheartedly that "We've Got Your Back!"

Q. Moving to a new area can be challenging, with so much to learn about and explore. Infinity Real Estate’s associate Broker Sarah Husby had a solution ... or two. Can you tell our readers more about this?

A. I’ll let Sarah answer this.

Sarah: I crafted this guide, Explore More, with our community in mind, recognizing the common query, “What is there to do around here?” Having grown up and raised a family in the Pacific Northwest, I've experienced wonderful adventures in our backyard. While distant vacations are appealing, exploring our local treasures is equally rewarding.

As a local Realtor, I assist many newcomers eager to discover the area. Often, fellow parents express a desire for family friendly activities. Whether you're a recent transplant or a native seeking fresh experiences, these guides and the Facebook Group “What’s Good Gig Harbor?” offer exciting ways to enjoy our community. It also helps bring people together and embrace the opportunity to create lasting memories in our own backyard. The purpose is to have fun making moments that matter!

Jennie Wetter | | 253.358.2010 |

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