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Skin Care

Consistency is key By Bri Williams, RN, BSN

If you are looking to improve the health and appearance of your skin, being consistent with your skin-care routine is essential. You can’t use your skin-care products once a week and expect to see results. Just like changing the physique of your body, you need to “hit the gym” consistently to reap the benefits. Below we break down some of the common hurdles to clear, healthy and glowing skin.

Overwhelmed by your routine

There are so many skin-care products on the market, and it can start to feel like you need to be using all of them to get the results you want. Don’t fall victim to the “more is more” mentality. Work with your skin-care professional to develop a regimen that targets your specific concerns. You don’t need every new product that hits the market; in fact, that could be doing more harm than good. What works great for one person’s skin type may be all wrong for you. Lean on a professional to curate a skin-care routine individualized to your skin type and goals.

Not having the time

The idea of applying five or more skin-care products morning and night can be daunting—and time consuming. When developing a regimen with your skin-care professional, be clear on what you have time for. At the very least, you should be cleansing every single night to remove makeup, pollution and sunscreen. Often times, a single product can have double duties. For example, a cleanser that also has glycolic acids can help to brighten your complexion while cleansing, or a sunscreen that has antioxidants can not only protect you from further damage but also start to repair damage that has already occurred. Be smart about your product selection and get the most out of every step.

It’s a chore

Think of your skin-care routine as self care, not a chore. Make it a pleasant experience by doing it in a space you feel calm and comfortable. Yes, the cleansing step must happen at the sink, but your other products can be applied anywhere. Put all your skin care in a cute basket or bag and bring it to a space you love. Maye that’s in front of the TV watching your favorite show, in the comfort of your own bed or at the kitchen counter while you visit with your family. Think outside the box (or in this case, bathroom).

Being consistent with anything is essential to your success. You can’t hit the gym once and expect results. You can’t do your skin care a few times a week and expect dreamy skin. If you truly want to transform your skin, make the commitment and make it a habit. Start with products that are going to target your immediate concerns and build on that. When you are consistent, you will reap the rewards.

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