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By Olivia Harrell, @oliviamichelle.h

Trends are always changing, gaining popularity and even going out of style. That is the beauty of the fashion world—it is always moving forward (sometimes at lightning speed). You've seen bell bottoms and flare jeans return from the ‘60s and crop tops paired with hair scrunchies return from the 90s. While some of you may not be so fond of these recycled fashion trends, here is a new one you should know about—and how to style it.

Monochromatic (adj.) containing or using only one color.

Contrary to popular belief, monochromatic does not mean black and white. Monochromatic outfits are styled wearing one specific color, or even different shades of the same color. So yes, the monochromatic trend can be black or white, but not black and white. A good rule of thumb for a monochromatic outfit is to have three-plus pieces of the same color. I'm talking about a top, bottoms and shoes. Black is an easy place to start on putting one together. You likely have multiple black pieces in your wardrobe already.

Look for a top and a pair of bottoms that are both black. As I mentioned before, they can be different shades of black, so do not think because they aren't perfectly matching that it will not work. The third piece could be a jacket/blazer, cardigan or sweater. You could also make the third piece an accessory like a scarf, belt, hat or headband. Black shoes are required to complete this outfit. Put them all on together, and you now have yourself a monochromatic outfit. Also, do not get the idea that a monochromatic outfit has to be bottoms and a top. It could very well be a dress paired with accessories or layering pieces of the same color.

White is another easy place to start on putting together a monochromatic outfit. If you feel confident enough, try out a bold color. Personally, I organize my closet by color. Organizing in this way makes it easy for me to see what color I have most of. I have a lot of pink in my wardrobe since it is my favorite color. I was easily able to put together a pink monochromatic look that is fun and bright for summer. Other trending colors this spring and summer include pistachio green, scarlet red, orange peel and faded blue.

If you are wanting to go shopping for the monochromatic trend, many stores sell pieces that were made to go together. Two-piece sets make easy monochromatic outfits since you already have two of the three items you'll need. Keep in mind that your shoes are important too in this monochromatic trend. If you have a specific pair of shoes you want to color coordinate with, then bring them along shopping.

Need help putting together your monochromatic outfit? Pinterest and Like to Know It are two good sites to look at for inspiration! You can also find me on Instagram @oliviamichelle.h, and I’d be happy to help.

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