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Welcome the New Year in Comfort and Safety

Celebrate the arrival of 2021 at home

By Jillian Chandler

As events are once again put on hold and large gatherings are discouraged, it’s time again to think outside of the box and explore new ways to bring in the new year—at home!

Just because you won’t be leaving the house to attend a glamorous New Year’s Eve party doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up for the occasion. Get in the spirit by donning your best attire—men, women and children—to help set up the festive occasion. It will certainly help put the whole family in a wonderful mood and ready to celebrate!

Be sure to purchase those fun and sparkly party favors to brighten the mood, from hats and beads to party blowers and noisemakers. Balloons and streamers will help add to the mood, as well as lively music to set the mood.

Opt for your family’s—or roommates’—favorite finger foods and beverages, and make a spread on the countertop, dining room table or coffee table.

Have a dance party, play board games. When’s the last time you belted out some karaoke?

Have everyone in the house write down some of their hopes for 2021, create a vision board, or a scrapbook, so you will always remember this year’s unique celebration.

If you’re looking to have a more relaxed night, have a pajama party and stream your favorite movies over popcorn and movie treats. If you have young children, while Mom and Dad enjoy the celebratory glass of champagne, create a hot chocolate station with marshmallows, chocolates, candy canes and more. It gives excitement to something ordinary.

No matter how you choose to welcome 2021, as long as you spend it safely with the ones you love, it’s sure to be memorable.

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