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5 Healthy Benefits of Fish Oil

One of the 4 vital nutritional supplements everyone should take on a daily basis...regardless of your age or health status!

By The Health Connection

The Health Connection

I recommend fish oil or Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) to almost all of our patients. It is one of the 4 vital nutritional supplements that I believe everyone should take on a daily basis…regardless of your age or health status. The most recognized benefit comes from supporting your cardiovascular, however, taking Omega-3’s as a daily supplement has several other additional health benefits you may not be aware of:

Musculoskeletal Health

  • Attention weekend warriors: You know that achy feeling you get the day after a hard workout? Omega-3s can help! Short-term DHA supplementation can help to reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness and stiffness, and high-EPA fish oil has been shown to aid in recovery following exercise-induced muscle damage.

Skin, Hair, and Eye Health

  • Have you seen me lately: We all know your skin ages, your hair thins, and your eyesight can degrade with age or time. If youre concerned about healthy aging, a daily dose of fish oil can help your skin stay soft, your eyes stay sharp, and help you avoid bad hair days.

Brain Function

  • Smarter than the average bear: DHA is critical to your brain’s development and everyday function. In fact, low levels of DHA has been linked to decreased brain development in babies. Also as we age, we’re more likely to have those “senior moments.” DHA/EPA supplementation has been linked to improved memory in adults with mild memory complaints as well as reduction in mental decline as we age.

Healthy Mood

  • More than a feeling: mental health is just as important as physical health, and proper EPA supplementation can help to improve your mood in a big way. In addition to vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA play a big role in regulating serotonin levels in the brain.

Other Recommended Daily Supplements:

  • Vitamin D-3

  • Pro-Biotic

  • Multi-Vitamin / Mineral


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