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‘BeYOUtifully’ You!

Med spa offers clients experience and confidence By Jillian Chandler | Photo By In-Gear Media

Áme Aesthetic

Opened in January 2022 by Jessica Armitage and Courtney Gray-Eaden, Áme Aesthetic Institute in Sumner provides a purposeful array of services to help with positive aging along with medical-grade skin care, IV hydration and vitamin therapy.

With nearly two decades of experience each, both Jessica and Courtney were inspired to pursue a career in the aesthetic field many years ago—but for very different reasons. For Courtney, she initially had plans to become a makeup artist. “I soon realized that I should really know my canvas,” she recalls. “I immediately fell in love with what laser and medical-grade treatments could do for the skin.” For Jessica, it was much more personal. “I had really bad skin problems as a late teen and early college student. I got the runaround from my dermatologist and primary care provider. They didn’t care about me or my skin; they just wanted to sell me their ‘stuff,’” she remembers. “The only thing that helped was laser treatments, and for the first time, I could look in the mirror with confidence and not cry. The minute I found out nurses could do laser treatment, I decided to go to nursing school.”

Today, they are bringing that inspiration, dedication and experience to their patients at Áme, meaning “soul.” “Courtney and I love making people feel better about the skin they are in—and love watching people grow in confidence. It helps us feel good to our soul, knowing you (the patient) feel good to yours,” smiles Jessica.

At Áme Aesthetic Institute, they provide a wide range of services: laser hair removal, IPL (for treatment of sun damage or redness), fractional skin rejuvenation, microneedling, dermaplaning, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, Botox, Dermal Fillers, Threads, PRF, vitamin injections, IV therapy and more. “One of the most popular skin treatments we offer is DiamondGlow. You can also add dermaplaning to it for that next level glow,” says Courtney.

Having been in the industry for almost 19 years, and having been a clinical trainer, Courtney ensures that her patients are educated on the treatments they are receiving and even the treatments available to them (even if not offered at Áme). “They will always get an honest recommendation from me,” she affirms.

“We are a community over competition mindset business that wants the best for each person,” adds Jessica. “We believe you have a choice. We are grateful when people choose us and Áme, but we also know there are other great practices with other great treatments—and ultimately want what is best for all.”

As the industry is ever evolving, both Jessica and Courtney find it imperative to continue their education in the field. “We have been around to see many things—we have come along in aesthetics in general and as providers,” shares Jessica. “We are not the first to jump on the ‘newest’ bandwagon or train but instead make thoughtful choices based off deliverable results and outcomes.”

Jessica’s philosophy regarding aesthetics is “BeYOUtifully” you. “So many patients come in and say, ‘Make me beautiful,’” she says. “Well, no, you’re already beautiful! Treatments with us are just icing on the cake, for preventative maintenance, positive aging, and to help you feel your best in your skin. And less is more—we don’t want to change your look, just maintain the great parts of you.”

Courtney adds to this sentiment: “Be your own filter. I always educate my patients that any treatment received should provide a radiance that is you. I feel like the biggest compliment should be, ‘Oh my gosh, you look amazing!’ Not, ‘Oh my gosh, what did you do?’ I feel like the latter comment is when we go a little too far, where we start to not look like ourselves. Less is more.”

When it comes to what they find most rewarding about the work they do, Courtney says it’s when she sees a patient’s overall confidence level rise when their skin is healthy. Jessica goes on to say it’s helping people find their confidence and feel better about the skin they are in. “I love seeing the demeanor of our patients with a confidence boost that comes from the inside based on the services they receive with us.”

Courtney has worked in the Puyallup/Sumner area for the past eight years, while Jessica has lived in the 253 area for more than a decade. “We feel so grateful and blessed to do what we do, with a great team/family, and do it in an amazing community,” the two share. “We are so thankful for all the grace, favor, support and love. We are so happy to be here and be a part of the community—from business to helping out with school functions, food drives, auctions, events, and more. We love being Áme.”

Áme Aesthetic Institute 1201 Main Street, Suite C Sumner, Washington 98390 253.470.3532

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