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Creating Space for Outdoor Living: Make the Most Out of Your Summer Entertaining

Creating Space for Outdoor Living: Make the Most Out of Your Summer Entertaining

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I see green grass and blooms on the trees, I can’t get the lawnmower out fast enough and start planning out this year’s garden. I love being outdoors. Whether it’s yardwork or hanging out at the lake, the sun on my freckles is just what I need to kick the winter blues to the curb.

Summer is when people tend to come over and stay a bit longer, and the good weather is just an excuse to be outside on the deck or patio.

That being said, we need to make sure we have a couple of easy meals in the fridge or freezer for those pop-in guests, that our barbecue tank is full and that the deck or patio is in good shape for entertaining.

What items are essential to a successful and ready outdoor space?

Firepits are one of the things that create a gathering place; people know to find a seat and settle in for the evening, and it gives people something to look at when there’s a pause in the conversation. No one thinks it’s weird to gaze into the flickering flames of a fire, but if you had that same look on your face when you were just looking around at your friends, it may get a little awkward. The firepit can be on the patio in a raised unit or can be built in with pavers. Either way, it’s a must for summer entertainment.

Seating is also a must. Providing enough seats on the patio or deck can be comprised of a loose interpretation of chairs. Pavers, patio furniture, boxes, benches, ottomans, boulders, wood blocks and even coolers all work as acceptable seating options for patios. As long as it’s something that keeps you up off the ground, keeps you close to the fire and provides a comfortable place to rest, it works.

By Annie Nye, Interior Designer.

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