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Fall Beauty Trends

Now’s the time to refresh your routine

By Taylor Shillam

Although it seems so far away at the height of summer, the fall season is right around the corner. Autumn often brings with it a breath of crisp, fresh air and a promise of new beginnings. The change of the season holds ample opportunities to grow and evolve.

One of the easiest ways to embrace a new season and step into an opportunity for change is by refreshing your look. This fall, new beauty trends offer the chance to both play with boldness and speak volumes with simplicity.

From colorful makeup trends to subtle hair accessories, the fall of 2020 will certainly bring its opportunities to refresh your routine when it comes to makeup, hair and skin care.

Makeup Trends

According to Vogue, the makeup forecast for fall 2020 is largely bold, bright and exuberant. This year’s runways saw glitter, sparkle and shine with attention-grabbing colors, as well as darker, moody nods to the era of grunge. Here are a few of the most prominent upcoming trends:

Color pops - This year, as temperatures start to cool, it doesn’t have to mean cooling off the intensity of your look; bright color is certainly on trend. Keep the heat up with eye shadows in bright pink and orange, or a bold, red lip. Pick an area to focus on, and embolden yourself to go for more: a flashier, fluorescent mascara or a color-blocked eyelid are right on par with fall runway looks.

Shadow play - If you’re looking to draw attention up to your eyes, trendsetters are all for bright shadows this season. From glamorous golden tones to bright orange or blush, a statement shadow can be worn “like jewelry,” according to Harper’s Bazaar.

Goth and punk-inspired - Color isn’t everything this fall; those who lean more toward a darker look are in luck. Black eyeliner is very much on-trend and can be made even edgier with a healthy smudge. Even better news: This type of look (a thick swipe of eyeliner with full, dark mascara) takes hardly any time and is perfect for moments when you’re pressed for time. Take this look up a notch at night with a darker, bolder winged liner applied with brushed liquid eyeliner, paired with a nude or matte lip.

Hair Trends

Textured updos - This fall wants to see your texturized pony and those playful, pinned-up curls. Start with texturizing powders and beach wave sprays that add a healthy, easy bounce. Pin your waves back in a tousled, romantic updo or a youthful scrunchie. The more texture and character, the better.

Small, subtle details - Tiny, barely-there braids or subtle accent accessories woven into your updo will bring a subtle accent to your everyday look this fall. Play up your ponytail by weaving in tiny pins or ribbons—even a darker ribbon that matches your hair color will add dimension while keeping your overall look more neutral.

A “less is more” approach to accessorizing - Headbands and hair accessories are coming back for the fall of 2020. Trending styles will be minimal, with accessories aimed at accentuating, not overshadowing, the look. Trending headbands will be thinner, wiry, and laced with small jewels or pearls. Don’t overthink it—a small, simple hair clip or jeweled bobby pin is all you need to pull this trend off.

Hair color - With the way this year has gone, many are still awaiting their chance to sit in the hair colorist’s chair. When you finally get that long-anticipated appointment, keep in mind fall’s most predominant hair color trend: caramel highlights. Keeping your roots darker while bringing softer caramel tones to the lower lengths will prepare you to warmly welcome fall with just the right amount of contrast.

Skin-Care Trends

Skin care is ever evolving, with many trends crossing over from the realms of dietary wellness and nutritional science. A few new ways to care for our body’s largest organ will surely interest both the health-conscious and the environmentally aware consumers.

Going plant-based - We often hear about the power of plants in terms of what we put in our body, but what about what goes on our skin? As plant-based beauty has grown in popularity, a few trends to watch for this fall include: vegan and cruelty-free claims, “nature-identical” ingredients that, like they sound, have their original form in nature as a plant or mineral, and Halal beauty, indicating products that are cruelty-free, alcohol-free and free of animal products.

Taking bacteria beyond the microbiome - The power of probiotics to promote a balanced gut isn’t a new, trendy conversation; but expect to see that conversation shift to include more beauty and skin products this fall. Everything from pre- and probiotic-packed deodorants that feed the right odor-fighting bacteria, to bacteria-based scalp serums, will be headed our way this fall.

Going environmentally conscious - Trendsetters are predicting a step up from recycling this fall with upcycling, which encourages the repurposing of items to extend the lifespan of their usability and avoid adding more waste to overflowing landfills. Brands are paying more attention to what their products’ containers are made from to allow buyers to continue using the containers in creative ways long after the product is gone, with possibilities ranging from on-the-go storage to a home for succulents.

You can recreate your look and skin-care routine at any time, whether it’s by starting small with a subtle accessory, or going bold with a bright new eye shadow.

There may be no better time to take a small risk and approach something new than in the fall, when everything seems to be primed for change. This fall, don’t be afraid to be bold, remembering that beauty trends aren’t meant to stay forever—that’s what makes them fun.

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