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Tacoma Power incentivizes customers to save energy and money with energy efficient upgrades

When homeowners improve their houses with better heating and cooling systems, water heaters, insulation or windows, everyone wins—homeowners, utilities, local contractors, and the environment. Knowing that, Tacoma Power provides loans and rebates to incentivize customers to make energy efficient home improvements.

“We have something for every one of our customers,” said Lis Saunders, who manages Tacoma Power’s Customer Energy Programs. “We’re here to help you save money and manage your energy use with more efficient products and practices.”

Homeowners Win

Energy efficient upgrades give customers immediate financial savings—as much as a 30 percent reduction in electricity costs. Homeowners might also see an increase in their home value, feel more comfortable with better temperature control, and be confident in their home’s improved quality and safety.

Utilities Win

Energy conservation helps Tacoma Power meet customers’ future energy needs without building or acquiring costly additional power supply. The case for utilities to offer conservation programs is compelling. Incentivizing customers to conserve through energy efficient home upgrades costs the utility $28 per MWh. The cost to acquire a new power generation resource from gas, wind, solar or turbines can be 450 percent more costly—an expense that would negatively impact customers’ electricity bills.

“This is why we ask all customers who can to upgrade their homes with energy efficient products,” Lis said. “It’s why we help pay for customers’ home improvement projects, and why we partner with local, reputable contractors to ensure the process is easy, the price is fair and the work is done right.”

Contractors Win

Tacoma Power supports over 60 businesses through its Participating Contractor program. Contractors in the program are trained and knowledgeable of the utility’s programs and processes, which allows them to directly offer utility incentives to homeowners and expedite the application and approval process. To be part of the program, contractors must meet specific performance requirements annually.

The Environment Wins

Tacoma Power's target is to conserve 47,000 MWh every two years. To put that into perspective, that’s enough electricity to power over 4,000 homes.

“Our energy is some of the cleanest out there,” said Steve Bicker, who leads the research, strategy and development of Customer Energy Programs at Tacoma Power. “Society’s need for more clean energy is exponentially growing, so we can’t afford to waste a single kWh of the energy we produce from our renewable, carbon-free hydropower. Very soon, our clean energy will be in even higher demand. Conserving it now helps us ensure our community can continue to rely completely on clean energy far into the future.”

Do Your Part - Upgrade Your Home

Consider what home improvements you want that will conserve energy and money.

Want air conditioning? Add a ductless heat pump. Tacoma Power will give you $500. A DHP provides heating or air conditioning when you need it. It’s efficient, affordable, quiet, works with your existing electric heating system, and can save you up to 50 percent on your heating costs.

Want to improve the comfort of your home? Weatherize it. Tacoma Power will give you more than $2,000. Adding insulation, sealing air ducts and replacing inefficient windows helps prevent cool air from escaping in the summer and keeps the heat in your home when it’s cold out.

Want your house to be the right temp when you get home? Buy a smart thermostat. Tacoma Power will give you $50. Wi-Fi enabled thermostats connect to your existing heating and cooling system, and allow you to easily program, adjust and control your home’s temperature from anywhere using a mobile app.

Want a long, hot shower? Upgrade to a better water heater. Tacoma Power will give you $500. A standard electric water heater is the most inefficient appliance in your home. Replace it with a hybrid model and you’ll save a lot of money – about $350 a year. If your water heater is more than 10 years old, now is the time to replace it.

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