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Moving into the New Year

As we pack away the holiday decorations and wrap up end of the year inventory, this month often is a time for people to invite change and set goals for the new year to come. Many people use this opportunity to get back into shape, lose that weight they’ve been talking about or regain strength or endurance. Gyms are filling up and ski slopes are full, people are moving again!

Movement in our daily lives has suffered for the past few years as we’ve navigated pandemic life. It is an ability we rely heavily on, but often take for granted. Our body is designed to move and functions best when we are actively pursuing it. Every cell, tissue, joint, thought and emotion is dependent on movement for optimal function and longevity.

For example, walking stimulates circulation and digestion. Which is why it’s a healthy practice to go for a walk after eating a meal, it allows your body to use the fuel you just consumed as energy rather than storing in your tissues. Another example, rhythmic breathing stimulates rest and relaxion. This activates something called our parasympathetic nervous system which is where our mind and body feels safe to heal and repair.

The same centers in our brain that process movement in our spine and extremities also process thoughts and emotions. We are more capable of making rational decisions and regulating our emotions when movement is a daily practice.

Movement is something our body is constantly craving. It’s how we generate energy, accelerate metabolism, sharpen our mind and clear our thoughts.

Be sure to set some movement goals for yourself this month and year to come. Make them simple, measurable and attainable. Make an appointment with your chiropractor to help you reach these goals and avoid injuries or setbacks. A clear nervous system and healthy spine is vital to maximizing your health and potential for 2022!

Attached is a recent radio interview with KOMO News on this topic and some tips on how to generate more movement this year. Feel free to listen and share!

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