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Purpose and Your Second Bloom

The watering of higher good By Sufani Garza, Alternative Healing Therapist at Place of Bliss Academy & Sanctuary

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As a spiritual teacher and healer, I have heard from clients and students things like:

“I’m not depressed or unhappy even, I just feel listless.”

“I feel stuck, or like I have no energy to do anything.”

“I’m not depressed, I just feel like I’m hitting a wall.”

If you have been feeling any of these things, guess what? You aren’t alone. Many people are experiencing these feelings right now, and a simple perception shift can change everything.

This listless feeling is an uncomfortable catalyst, bringing forth the wonder that is you! It’s causing you to ask the question, “Why am I feeling like this?” When you ask that question, your second bloom begins. Listlessness is your sign that purpose would like a refresh, and it’s time to begin looking at how you want to express your purpose now. As life has changes, we change or transition. Our life journey requires a periodic reflection and change of course, no matter how slight it may be.

You have never been without your purpose. Look at everything you have ever loved doing in your life and, in some way, your purpose has been that mark you put on everything you do. It has always been there, you just didn’t realize that purpose isn’t what you do (a job). Purpose is who you are, and therefore you cannot ever be separated from it! Purpose is your outward expression of what your care about and put into everything you touch.

Often times, we run from feelings of discomfort. When we feel anxiety, anxiousness, sad, angry or discouraged, we begin our descent into telling ourselves something is seriously wrong with our life because we “shouldn’t” feel that way. There’s that “should” word again.

Should, a word that steals your power. We all are meant to feel the vastness of every emotion, and sometimes we need to be a little uncomfortable or sad. Sometimes the situation calls for it. We won’t stay there forever.

It’s a divine communication to look at what will change the way we feel and then begin to work in that direction. Just like a pain in the body lets us know something may be wrong, a pain in our emotions lets us know we need to take a closer look at our purpose, see what has transitioned and begin adapting our Being to that change for our higher good!

You aren’t wilting! You are BLOOMING!

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