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Renew. Refresh. Revive.

Weightless relaxation awaits By Jillian Chandler

Photos by Samantha Elise Tillman

It was 1996 when Jessie Puryear first came to Tacoma, Washington, while on active duty in the Navy. During his 22 years of service, he underwent multiple back surgeries and quickly discovered that with chronic pain came anxiety. “For me, the anxiety came from the physical toll my job entailed and how my back was going to respond and the fear of re-injury,” shares Jessie. “I learned about floating and did my first float in 2015. I immediately realized what a powerful tool it was.”

With this realization and newfound knowledge, Jessie made it a goal to figure out a way in which to educate the general public and get them to try it. “I knew once people had the opportunity they would see its value and want to incorporate into their wellness routine.” In November of 2018, Jessie opened Urban Float in University Place. Here he is proud to provide flotation therapy and red light therapy services to his clientele. And beginning this month, he will now be offering infrared sauna.

“Most people are still unfamiliar with floatation therapy and why they should incorporate it into their wellness routine,” he says. “In a nutshell, we provide an environment that allows the removal of gravity, light and sound stimulation, and tactile touch sensations.”

For those unacquainted with this revolutionary treatment, Urban Float offers private suites that have a float pod containing 1,200 pounds of Epsom salt in 200 gallons of water, all heated to the temperature of your skin (95.5°F). As Jessie shares, floating in this environment allows the part of the brain, known as the amygdala—where the fight or flight response originates—to shut off. The effects are similar to those who use the drug lorazepam for anxiety but without any of the side effects. The effects from a float can last up to 36 hours; longer than any medication can provide.

“Our clients report it is one of the most relaxing experiences of their lives. The weightless environment also provides great relief for chronic pain clients. Removing gravity allows the body to realign itself, and clients report dramatic reductions in their pain levels post float,” affirms Jessie.

Red light adds another holistic modality for those looking to improve their appearance naturally, according to Jessie. “Red light works at the cellular level on the mitochondria (powerhouse) of our cells. Red light is research backed and proven to increase collagen and elastin production in cells, which is great for softening fine lines and wrinkles. It will also help reduce the effects on the skin from rosacea, hyperpigmentation and acne. We also have seen benefits in chronic pain relief when used regularly.”

Jessie is proud to be able to offer these two services in one location, where he and his staff are able to provide clients relief from anxiety, stress, PTSD and chronic pain—all without the use of pharmaceuticals—as well as help those seeking to refine their appearance in a safe, natural way.

When it comes to what he finds most rewarding about being able to provide a space to help others heal, he shares that it’s seeing the dramatic change before and after the float. “It's obvious when some of our clients come in they are suffering physically and mentally, and to see the dramatic change in as little as one session is awesome,” smiles Jessie. “They’ll go into the suite, and it seems like the weight of the world is on them, and 60 minutes later you can't get the ear-to-ear smile off their face.”

It’s a team effort at Urban Float, and Jessie credits a majority of their success to his employees. “They all truly love helping our clients and believe in the relief floating can provide.”

Jessie and his team invite you to renew, refresh and revive your body—and mind—at Urban Float.

Urban Float University Place 3633 Market Place West, Suite 5 University Place, Washington 98466 253.533.7300

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