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The Studio Opens Third Location

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

The Studio

Shaping Clients Physically, Mentally and Energetically By Jillian Chandler| Photo by Jaquilyn Shumate

“Pilates completely changed my body and how I viewed myself and how I viewed ‘working out,’” recalls Lindsey Naglieri. “I grew up in the era of magazines, Victoria’s Secret models and tox-ICK workout and diet culture, where I equated exercise as necessary punishment to achieve perfection. But Pilates taught me to connect, understand, move and challenge my body in a way that’s respectful, loving and impactful.”

Today, Lindsey is sharing her passion for Pilates with surrounding communities at The Studio through modern Pilates and mindful movement. Here, clients will experience The Studio’s signature group reformer classes which range in intensity to accommodate every level and every mood. “For example, we have a class called The Stretch, where we use our equipment to reform and recover, whether that’s from a challenging workout or sitting too much in our daily lives. And The Sculpt is our high-intensity Pilates class that will work every muscle, even the tiny ones you didn’t realize were there! The Form and The Flow are other can’t-miss classes!” Private sessions are also available for anyone who is looking for a custom-tailored class to help recover from an injury or to build confidence before joining one of the group classes.

It was 2019 when Lindsey was inspired to seriously pursue opening her own studio, and in July of that year, she celebrated the Grand Opening of The Studio in Tacoma. She would go on to open a second location in Gig Harbor in March 2023, and as of print date, Lindsey is excited to share that they’re gearing up to open their third location in University Place by fall 2023.

When working to create The Studio’s initial location, Lindsey set out to make a space that delivered the Pilates class she would most enjoy taking—which meant music was a major factor. “We love to use our playlists to set the tone, motivating us through the challenging moments and soothing us in the chill ones,” she says.

Another important factor was the realization that Pilates is an investment, and the clients’ time is valuable. Lindsey strives to keep her clients flowing so they leave The Studio feeling efficiently worked, “blissed out,” and like they got their money’s worth. And to top off the experience, Lindsey focused on designing an elevated space that clients would look forward to going to, “where we could congregate away from those sweet kiddos and other responsibilities and just enjoy working on becoming our best, brightest selves.”

Since first opening the door, Lindsey has seen how Pilates not only shapes one physically but even more so mentally and energetically. “My absolute favorite thing is witnessing this shift in our clients! To witness their improved confidence is so beautiful to see, and I feel so honored every time someone chooses to come move with us at The Studio.”

She adds that she feels blessed to be in an industry that helps people feel well; hearing how Pilates is helping her clients physically, from getting better sleep to inspiring them to make healthier choices in other ways, miraculously healing knee and back pain, and improving their endurance doing everything else that they love.

When it comes to the success she’s experienced these past few years at The Studio, Lindsey credits her husband Mike for being 1,000 percent supportive of her endeavor from the beginning. “Along this journey, he’s mopped floors, moved machines, tackled all our laundry and meals at home; the list goes on! I would not be here without him,” she affirms. And then there’s her world-class team of instructors. “They are truly the most dynamic bunch of authentic, inspirational humans around. They are true examples of shining bright, and I feel so lucky to have them share their gifts at The Studio!”

Lindsey is proud of what she is able to offer to others through The Studio. “I hope The Studio continues to reveal to people how beautiful, strong and capable they are and have always been!” she smiles. “Sometimes we just need a reformer to bring it out in us.”

The Studio 253.432.9922

Three Locations: 1736 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma 5125 Olympic Drive, Suite 110, Gig Harbor NEW! 3633 Marketplace West, Unit 3, University Place

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