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Wallpaper Trends

Add visual interest to your space

By Alinda Morris, Alinda Morris Interior Design LLC

Wallpaper Trends
Wallpaper Trends

Looking for a way to add impact to your space? Wallpaper is a great way to add visual interest to your interior environment and can take you far beyond what can be achieved with paint.

Use wallpaper in place of the painted accent wall to help define your space. If you have an open floor plan, custom area rugs, lighting and art can also assist you in this process. Incorporate layers of texture and pattern into more sophisticated spaces such as an entryway, dining room, master bedroom or a formal living space. If you are going take a risk, a powder room or a mud room is a great place to start. Geometric patterns and bold prints work great in small spaces. To take your project to the next level, don’t forget about your ceiling.

Texture is My Favorite Color - Grass Cloth

Taking inspiration from the natural environment invites us to make our interiors warmer and more inviting. Grass cloth is a subtle beauty. However, it is not simple to install—or to remove—so do your research or hire a professional to assist you.

Imperfections and slight variations of color are inherent in natural materials. Seams are visible and often integrated into the design because color variance from one roll to the next can be quite pronounced.

Most grass cloth is made from materials like arrowroot, raw jute, sisal and reed grass. They require special care such as lightly vacuuming, as moisture will damage the paper. Some manufacturers offer wall coverings in a commercial-grade finish, offering the illusion of natural materials with a washable surface.

What to Expect

Walls need to be prepared correctly in order to look their best. Walls that have even a light texture may need a liner. Some custom papers require level five (flat walls). Your wallpaper installer should confirm this with you.

This is not the step to skip. If this investment is outside your budget, go for self-adhesive removable wallpaper like tempaper. They offer fun, high-impact looks that are easy to apply and remove.

Best Tips

• Always begin your project with a specific goal in mind.

• If you are going to invest in a quality covering or custom product, leave the installation to the professionals.

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